Founder and CEO
IIM Bangalore
Masters in Science - Illinois inst of tech. Chicago
Enterprise Strategist
Something Complex - The Go To Guy

Raj is the founder and CEO at Adtech. He is responsible for the overall management, strategy and leadership of the company. A hardcore technologist, his passion lies in devising solutions that simplify business complexities and drive process efficiencies.

Prior to Adtech, he has worked with some great enterprise product companies like Oracle and NCR. He has also played a key role in establishing some promising start-ups and managing their different organizational aspects including Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing, Product Engineering amongst others.

Raj is well-known for his people-management and soft-skills. He has closely worked with CIOs of large global companies to help them plan and deliver IT programs and initiatives.

Raj has experience building large scale enterprise products like Oracle Order Management and Supply Chain Management solutions. He also lead engineering for Siebel Customer Loyalty Solution from design to execution. This product was the first in its class to hit the market in 2008 with about 100 customers adoption by 2014. He also hold a patent on this solution.